Burglar Alarms

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Prior to the installation of an alarm system, an Emergency Contact Information form for burglary/robbery and intrusion style alarms must be filled out completely.  There is no fee to register the alarm.  There is a charge for 4 or more false alarms per the City Ordinance.

Return to:
Mail: Oak Creek Police Department, 301 W Ryan Rd., Oak Creek, WI 53154
Email: Dispatch Manager 
Online: Fill out the form below.

False Alarms
No person, firm or corporation having an alarm system shall cause or permit the giving of a false alarm.  False alarms shall be charged in accordance with the following fee schedule:

                        1 – 3 false alarms annually................. NO CHARGE
                        4 – 7 false alarms annually.................$50 per alarm
                        8 or more false alarms annually...... $200 per alarm

Municipal Ordinance #7.180-7.188 Private Alarm Systems

Emergency Contact Information

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