NOTICE: City Buildings & Services Affected by COVID-19

A phased reopening of Oak Creek's municipal buildings has begun.  City Hall, the Police Station, the Public Works building, and Water & Sewer Utility HQ reopen on June 2. More details here.

The Library remains closed to the public until further notice. More details here.

The Oak Creek Recycling Yard has reopened during normally scheduled hours. More details here.

Sharps Collection Program

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Sharps ContainerEvery year in the U.S. there are more than 3 billion used needles and other sharps that are disposed by approximately 9 million Americans who manage their medical conditions at home. When used in medical terms, “Sharps” are needles, syringes with needles, or any device used to puncture the skin. The Oak Creek Health Department offers a Sharps Collection program for the City of Oak Creek to prevent the spread of disease and keep needles out of trash and streets.

What are the dangers of used sharps?

Used needles and lancets can stick waste disposal workers when they are thrown away in the trash or recycling, brought to medication collections, or flushed down the toilet. Any worker accidentally stuck with a needle must get expensive medical testing and worry about the possibility of diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV. However, needle-stick injuries are a preventable health risk. Package and dispose of sharps safely to avoid exposing yourself and others to harm.

Sharps Disposal Guidelines

  • Sharps must be in a locked biohazard sharps container.
  • Fill container to indicator line before locking for disposal.
  • Do not use plastic milk jugs or soda bottles. These containers will not be accepted.
  • If your health insurance covers the cost of a sharps container, please use the container and bring to the Oak Creek Health Department for disposal.
  • If needed the Oak Creek Health Department will provide you with a new biohazard sharps container after disposal.
  • Business related sharps containers are not eligible.

This program is free for all Oak Creek residents (ID required). Fees apply for non-residents.