NOTICE: City Buildings & Services Affected by COVID-19

A phased reopening of Oak Creek's municipal buildings has begun.  City Hall, the Police Station, the Public Works building, and Water & Sewer Utility HQ reopen on June 2. More details here.

The Library remains closed to the public until further notice. More details here.

The Oak Creek Recycling Yard has reopened during normally scheduled hours. More details here.

Traffic Signals

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Major intersections throughout Oak Creek that are equipped with traffic signals are of varied jurisdictional responsibility. Some are the responsibility of the State to maintain and operate, others by the County, and the remaining ones by the City. The vast majority of the traffic signals are equipped with Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption (EVP). EVP allows responding emergency police and fire vehicles to pass through signalized intersections undeterred by pre-empting the signals with a green light only in their direction of travel and red lights at all other legs of the intersection.

Jurisdictional Responsibility:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  •  S. 27th Street (STH 241) and . . .
    • W. College Avenue (CTH ZZ)
    • W. Sycamore Avenue
    • Riverwood Boulevard
    • W. Rawson Avenue (CTH BB)
    • W. Northwestern Mutual Way
    • W. Drexel Avenue
    • W. Puetz Road
    • W. Ryan Road (STH 100)
    • W. Oakwood Road
  • Interstate 94 and . . .
    • W. College Avenue (on and off ramps)
    • W. Rawson Avenue (on and off ramps)
    • W. Drexel Avenue (on and off ramps)
    • W. Ryan Avenue (on and off ramps)
  • S. Howell Avenue (STH 38) and . . . 
    • College Avenue (CTH ZZ)
    • Rawson Avenue (CTH BB)
    • Drexel Avenue
    • Susan Drive
    • Forest Hill Avenue
    • Puetz Road
    • Centennial Drive
    • Ryan Road (STH 100)
    • Oakwood Road
  •  S. Chicago Road (STH 32)
    • E. Puetz Road
    • E. Ryan Road (STH 100)
    • E. Oakwood Road
    • E. County Line Road
  • W. Ryan Road (STH 100) and . . .
    • S. 22nd Street
    • S. 20th Street
  • E. Ryan Road (STH 100) and . . .
    • S. 13th Street (CTH V)
    • S. Shepard Avenue
    • S. Nicholson Road
Milwaukee County
  • W. College Avenue (CTH ZZ) & S. 20th Street
  • E. College Avenue (CTH ZZ) and . . .
    • S. 13th Street (CTH V)
    • S. Pennsylvania Avenue
  • E. Rawson Avenue (CTH BB) and . . .
    • S. 13th Street (CTH V)
    • S. 10th Street
    • S. 6th Street
    • S. Pennsylvania Avenue
  • S. 13th Street (CTHV) and . . .
    • W. Drexel Avenue
    • W. Puetz Road
City of Oak Creek
  • W. Drexel Avenue and . . .
    • S. Ikea Way
    • S. 10th Street
    • S. 6th Street
    • S. Delco Drive
  • E. Drexel Avenue & S. Pennsylvania Avenue
  • E. Puetz Road & S. Shepard Avenue