Litter-Free OC

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Every April, we host a day of Community Cleanup, and encourage our residents, businesses and community groups to participate in a citywide effort to beautify parks, schoolyards and other open spaces around the city that could use some spring cleaning!

This year, we're using that day to launch a new city initiative:  Litter-Free OC!  We're challenging every Oak Creek resident to collect one bag of litter each year to help keep our community looking great. Pick up a green bag (or use a trash bag of your own) and gather litter from your neighborhood, around your workplace, or wherever you see the need!  

Does one bag make a difference?
One bag on its own may not seem like a big deal, but if all 34,000+ residents took the time to collect one bag, it would make a huge difference in our community.
How do I participate?
  1. Pick up your litter collection bag at the Civic Center.
  2. Fill the bag with litter you find around your neighborhood, place of work, or wherever you see the need.
  3. Properly dispose of your collection bag.  (See details below.)
  4. Log your participation so we can recognize and measure community-wide progress:

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Are there restrictions on where litter can be picked up?

Litter can be collected throughout the city with a few exceptions:

  • Participants should stay out of bodies of water and any sloped areas leading to them.
  • Participants should stay off of roadways and active construction sites.
  • Participants should not enter the Interstate to pick up litter.
  • Participants should not pick up litter on private property without permission.

We encourage the use of safety vests, gloves, and closed-toe footwear.   

What do I do with my full collection bag?
  • Set the full bag inside your Advanced Disposal trash cart on your normal garbage collection day.
  • If you do not have City-provided trash collection, handle the bag as you would your regular trash.
  • If you're cleaning up a park, playground, or other public space, please leave full collection bags at the entrance to the area, preferably near the sign or walking path.
What if I don't have an Advanced Disposal trash cart?

If you do not have an Advanced Disposal cart, please dispose of the bag of litter as you would your normal trash. Solid waste haulers not associated with the City of Oak Creek will treat the collection bags as they would a normal bag of trash.

Can I get more than one litter collection bag?
You may pick up as many litter collection bags as you think you will use. Because we have a limited supply, and want as many people to participate as possible, please ONLY take what you will need, though!
How long will the challenge last?

Green trash bags will be available in April and May, while supplies last, but we encourage residents to collect litter year-round as weather permits.

Additional questions?

Please contact Leslie Flynn at (414) 766-7075 or