Site History

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Lake Front Site HistoryThe lakefront area of the old Town of Oak Creek became a center for various industries which would have been offensive and noxious in a more populated area. The first industrial development was the building of the Lakeside Distillery in 1892 by P. R. and John Francis Carroll. In 1898, the U. S. Glue Company was formed to manufacture glue from the by-products of Milwaukee’s tanneries. Other industries in the area included the American Tar Paper Products Company and the Newport Chemical Company (shown here).

Today, the lakefront is at a significant turning point with the industrial buildings removed, environmental remediation and cleanup well underway, and the development of key public park and recreation assets taking place. Given this recent and ongoing progress, the timing is right to facilitate additional public-private investment and partnerships to transform the Oak Creek lakefront from idle former industrial land to a thriving lakefront destination.