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Signs, Temporary

No sign shall be placed in the public right of way (grassy area between the road and sidewalk/property line). This includes but is not limited to yard sale, for sale, election, business promotion, etc. Community or Nonprofit event signs being placed on private property with the property owner’s consent requires a temporary sign permit at no cost.

Election Signs

Although a temporary sign permit is not required for the placement of election signs, consent of the property owner is still necessary. Signs must not be erected prior to the first day of the election campaign period, as defined in Section 12.04 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and must be removed within 7 days following the election. Signs cannot be placed in a street right-of-way or on any utility poles, nor within a vision clearance triangle. Signs cannot be larger than 32 square feet in area on one side, and 64 square feet in area on all sides.

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