Tennis Court Locations

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Carollton: (2 courts-east & west) 8965 S. Carollton Drive - located west of Carollton Elementary School.  Take Highway 32 (Chicago Road) to Madeira Drive, west on Madeira Drive to Carollton Drive.

Chapel Hills: (2 courts-east & west) 2015 E. Oak Street - located at the end of East Oak Street. West of Pennsylvania Avenue, between College and Rawson Avenues.  Take Pennsylvania past Rawson to Highfield or Chestnut.

Manor Marquette: (2 courts-east & west) 700 E. Marquette Avenue - located on Marquette Avenue west of Clement Avenue between Drexel and Rawson Avenues.

Meadowview: (2 courts-east & west) 10420 S. McGraw Drive - located off E. Oakwood Road between Shepard Avenue and Nicholson Road.  Take Oakwood to McGraw Dr.

Oak Leaf: (2 courts-east & west) 401 W. Centennial Dr.  Take Howell to Centennial (road by Salvation Army), turn west.

Riverton Meadow: (1 court) 2801 Honeysuckle Dr. Take Forest Hill to S. Parkridge Drive, south on Parkridge (which turn into Honeysuckle).

South Hills Park: (2 courts-east & west) 9299 S. 22nd St.

Willow Heights: (2 courts-east & west) South of 8100 White Oak Drive - one block east of S. 13th Street and Weatherly Drive.