City Park Usage

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General Information

  • Permits will not be issued until full payment is received.
  • Permits are good only for date(s), location(s), permit holder(s) and time(s) listed on the permit.
  • Permit holders have priority in case of conflict; have your permit with you.
  • Facilities are permitted on an “as is” basis.
  • Transfers will be made upon request for rain outs or wet field cancellations contingent on field availability. No refunds given!
  • Permits may be revoked in the interest of Department-sponsored activities or the failure of the permit-holder to comply with Department standards and policies.
  • Vehicles are not allowed in parks. Use appropriate street or parking lot areas only.
  • Permits will be issued to Oak Creek residents/organizations only. The Department reserves the right to request proof of residency and/or roster.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of permits issued.
  • Rentals near softball diamonds must not interfere with softball diamond rentals.
  • Recognized civic youth groups will not be charged for permits.
  • Sports league organizations will be charged for permits at the standard rate per hour for the field, “as is”.
  • ALL ADULT organization permits will be charged at the standard rate per hour for the  field,“as is”.
  • For portable toilets, field prep., picnic tables, lined fields, benches, garbage cans, etc., please contact the Recreation Department for fee information.

Ball Diamonds

  • May be reserved 90 days prior to an event.
  • Web registration opens 90 days in advance.
  • Walk-in, fax-in or phone-in begin March 1 or the next normal business day.
  • Diamonds are not available for use until April 1 (weather & field conditions permitting).
  • Softball diamond outfield rentals include only the outfield. Please stay off the infield areas.

Basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, soccer/football fields

  • Reservations accepted 90 days in advance by web, phone, fax, or in person

League play, tournaments, special event requests

  • Groups, clubs, organizations, etc. must fill out a facility request in writing identifying all pertinent information (date, time, facility, number in group, special requests, etc.).  This should be done atleast one month prior to the date requested. Depending on reservation request, additional fees may be charged.

The following guidelines apply to the use of ball diamonds, soccer-football fields and open field areas

  • When removing water from ball diamond infield dirt areas, be sure to just take off water-- not infield dirt. Throw water into grass areas.
  • Do not sweep water/infield dirt onto grass areas.
  • Small amounts of infield mix from storage pile (if available) can be used to fill in low areas on the diamond infield.
  • Infield dirt is NOT to be removed from infield areas--under any circumstances.
  • Home plates, bases &/or pitchers plates are not to be relocated to grass areas due to wet infields.
  • Bases are to be carefully placed on anchors (when available). Clean out small area around anchor before placing base on anchor. Do not force base onto anchor.
  • No cutting of turf.
  • Vehicles are not allowed in parks. Use appropriate street or parking lot areas only.
  • Please pick up all trash/litter and dispose of properly.
  • All City park rules and ordinances apply.