Parks, Recreation & Forestry Commission

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Municipal Code §2.68(a)

Term: 3 years, terms staggered so that no more than 2 citizen members are appointed annually
Membership: 6 citizen members, 1 Alderman (1 yr. term), and 1 School District Representative


  • Chris Guzikowski (A 4/10) (exp 4/19)
  • Michael Read (School Dist Rep) (A 11/89) (exp 4/21)
  • Janet Fluegel (Chairperson) (A 10/87) (exp 4/21)
  • Anne Beyer (A 5/14) (exp 4/21)
  • Michael Theys (A 3/12) (exp 4/21)
  • Leah Schrieber Johnson (A 12/17) (exp 4/21)
  • Steve Bautch (Secretary) (A 5/13) (exp 4/21)
  • Adam Thiel (A 6/18) (exp 3/21)


The Parks and Recreation Commission works with Parks and Recreation staff to establish administrative regulations, plan a program of capital improvements, make recommendations toward the improvement of the operation of Parks and Recreational activities and facilities, review the annual departmental budget and assist in keeping the general public informed as to the development and activities in the department.