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Mike Lampe

Public Works

When you ask Mike Lampe how long he has worked for the City of Oak Creek, his answer is 36 ½ years. But in reality he has worked in some capacity for the city since he was 12 years old, his first job serving as a scorekeeper for the Parks and Recreation Department, which puts him well over 40 years of combined service. Hired fulltime in 1976 after graduation from Oak Creek High School, Mike currently serves as Streets, Parks, and Forestry Superintendent, overseeing our city roadways and the numerous parks scattered across the city.

During his tenure, Mike says the biggest change he has seen is development and technology as the city grew from 13,000 to almost 35,000 residents. “We’ve gone from manual garbage pickup to side-loading trucks and garbage carts, eliminating the need for drivers to get out of the trucks. The plow operations have also changed, we used to have single plow trucks, now we have trucks with multiple side wings, making it easier to clear the 175 lane miles of roads in Oak Creek.” He called the new Drexel Town Square development, “fantastic for the city”, giving residents a new downtown which will bring residents together.

Mike is set to retire on March 1st, which for him will mean more opportunities for camping and travel, and time spent in his woodworking workshop, where he creates log bed frames. One of the things he’ll miss is his co-workers. “There are lots of great, dedicated employees in Oak Creek, guys who get up early in the morning to plow your street, when everybody else is still in bed.”

Mike also has served as the chairperson for the Celebrations Commission, which oversees Oak Creek’s 4th of July parade, Christmas tree lighting, and other city events. His brother, Greg Lampe, is currently the Athletic Director at Oak Creek High School.

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