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Kevin Archambeau

Public Works

As an eighteen year employee of the City of Oak Creek, Kevin Archambeau has performed nearly every task that the Streets Department has to do on a daily basis. He’s operated most of the equipment in the department, worked on the concrete crew, set up barricades for community parades and other civic events, and creates most of the smaller city signs that you see in and around Oak Creek.  He also plows our city streets during the winter, and called this year’s version one of the busiest he’s ever seen.

“It seems like we’ve been out salting and plowing almost every day since before Christmas, and I’ve probably had more overtime work than I’ve ever seen in my career,” said Kevin.  He cited the well-plowed, snow-cleared streets as an example of the commitment to getting the job done in his department.  “I understand how important it is to have our roads cleaned of snow and ice, and how that impacts safety. I think Oak Creek does a better job than most.”

The father of three children, (Kody, Kailynn, and Kelsey) Kevin and his wife Kris also call Oak Creek their home. “It’s a family-friendly community where neighbors help each other out, and that’s why we decided to live here,“  Kevin said, noting that his wife also graduated from Oak Creek High School.  Kevin and his family have lived in Oak Creek for more than 20 years, and are excited about the new community development he’s seeing around the city.

A proud owner of a 2006 Harley Streetglide motorcycle, Kevin and his wife Kris have taken bike tours around the Great Lakes, and longer trips to New Hampshire and Kentucky.  He called the peacefulness of the road one of the best things about owning and riding a bike. Kevin has served as the chairperson for the 2013 Oak Creek Fourth of July parade, a role he will continue in 2014, and also serves on the Oak Creek Celebrations Commission, along with his wife Kris, with responsibility for most of the significant community events held each year.

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