Pet Ordinance

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Municipal Ordinance Chapter 7.40 states that no animal may run at large within the City of Oak Creek.

All pets (dogs & cats) must be licensed and have current shot records. The current license fee is $24 per animal for a natural animal and $12 for any neutered animal. This fee is due on or before March 31st of each year for all pets 5 months old or older. Puppies and kittens less than five months old do not require a license.

If you purchase a pet after April 1st you must inform the Treasurer’s Department to avoid paying a late fee.

When you pay the license fee for your pet, the Treasurer will issue a license tag. This tag must be placed on your pet’s collar.

Wisconsin State Statutes, Section 174 makes it mandatory for pets to be licensed.

Pets cannot run at large within the City. All pets must be on a leash of 10 feet or less. All free running animals can be picked up by any Police Officer or Sanitarian and taken to the Humane Society. The owner can get their animal back by paying a fee plus daily boarding cost. If the captured animal is unlicensed, the license and shots would have to be paid before the pet is released.

Keeping a vicious dog in the City is not allowed. Any dog or animal which attacks humans or any other animals is considered vicious. People cannot provoke an animal to attack. If anyone keeps or owns an animal which has attacked or bitten more than two times will be ordered to destroy the animal at the owners expense.

There is a limit of three dogs over 5 months of age in the City of Oak Creek. You may keep or own any number of puppies under six months of age and there is no license requirement for them.

All people who have pets must control the fecal matter of their animals and must immediately after deposit remove any fecal matter in a way approved by State or local regulations.

Any person may seek relief from any problem caused from an animal by written petition to the Police or Sanitarian of the City.

There are several dog kennels within the City and are found at the veterinary clinics as a general rule.

As of this time, there are no dog fancier permits that would allow for more than two animals. This type of license has not been issued in the City in the past.