Where Do Your Property Tax Dollars Go?

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Oh no! It is that time of year where, once again, we have to pay our property taxes.  The City understands that most people do not like to pay taxes, but that taxes are necessary to sustain a high quality of life, safe neighborhoods, quality roads, and nice parks and recreational amenities, among many other services.  This year, the City wanted to provide additional information to our taxpayers about how your property tax dollars are spent.  Here goes…

The City of Oak Creek is only one of several taxing jurisdictions that share your annual property tax payment.  Although the City collects your entire tax payment, the City only retains 29.8% (put another way, 29.8 cents of every tax dollar) for City of Oak Creek operations. Other entities, such as Oak Creek-Franklin School District (OCSFD), Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and  Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District (MMSD) also retain a portion of your annual tax payment (note: new this year, the State is not receiving any local property taxes).  On the graphic above, residents can see a breakdown of how the City distributes your property tax dollars among the multiple taxing jurisdictions.

For a more comprehensive look at where your tax dollars go, including an in-depth breakdown of the cost of specific city services, please download the handout below, or pick one up at the City Hall service desk during normal business hours.