Water & Sewer Utility to Begin Work on Rowan Estates Water Main Relay

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Construction crews will mobilize March 10, 2014 and begin digging in earnest on March 11, 2014 as they begin replacing approximately 16,000 feet of water mains and associated appurtenances such as valves, fire hydrants, and water services in the subdivision.

Because of the large scope of the project, the Oak Creek Water and Sewer Utility has set up a website for residents to track project prosecution and progress.  Follow these instructions for access:

  • Go to www.water.oak-creek.wi.us
  • On the left side of the web page click on the blue tab that says “Rowan Estates”.
  • View the map of the area that shows where construction crews are working.
  • There will also be regular updates in writing in the same area of the website.

For those who do not have access to the internet, a phone line will be available with a simple recording of the latest information available.  The phone line will also be updated regularly.  Call (414)570-8200 ext. 14 to receive this information.

The website and phone line will be available beginning March 7, 2014.