Oak Creek Public Library Expands Program Schedule for the Fall Season

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As the Oak Creek Public Library moves into its fall season, the number of visitors and number of programs offered are not slowing down. Although there will be a definite shift in the library’s clientele during the coming months, they are not expecting a huge reduction in visitors. Averaging about 15,000 visitors a month, this shift will include three main groups of patrons. With school aged children now back in the classroom, mornings at the library will be filled with seniors and parents with less than school aged children. The next two waves will include high school students after school and evenings filled with families with children whose parents work.

One of the largest draws to the library in recent years has been the development of library programs for children and teens. These programs have only expanded since their inception three years ago. Soon, the addition of adult programs will fill the conference room, aisles, and corners of the library. As they attempt to reach a larger audience, the Oak Creek Public Library is planning a very diverse schedule of adult programs which include a local historian, an introduction to tablets and e-readers, a personal finance protection discussion, and a Christmas presentation on home-made gifts. Additionally, a drop-in adult game club is scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00pm - 3:00pm through the end of the year.

While the library’s programs have been a huge success, it still sees many patrons using the library in a more traditional sense. During the month of July, the circulation desk saw over 15,000 items checked out either at the library or through self-check. All these items belong to either the Oak Creek Public Library or the Milwaukee County Federated Library System (MCFLS). So far in 2014, the your public library as added over 4200 items to their collection with many more coming due to publishers releasing new items for the holiday season. The Oak Creek Public Library will try to grow its collection an additional 1% to 2% each year once in its new location.

As the library staff begins preparing to move into its new building, they are seeing much excitement from its current patrons. Additionally, the Oak Creek Public Library is expecting to see an increase in patron usage once in its building. Many Oak Creek residents who utilize Franklin’s Public Library plan to come back to their home library once fully operational. Expecting to be into their new building at the same time Oak Creek’s new City Hall opens, Library Director, Jill Lininger said, “People are excited to see additional space for books and other materials but are also looking forward to a larger space for more programs, meeting areas, and a great place to gather, study, and learn.”

Currently, about 50% of Oak Creek’s residents have a library card. All of these cards are active because once a card is not used in the 2 year period, it becomes inactive. For more information on your Oak Creek Public Library or any of its programs, see their website at http://www.oakcreeklibrary.org, call them at 414-764-4400, or even better, stop in and see them!