Oak Creek Plan Commission Approves Plans for Water Street Brewery at Drexel Town Square

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Construction has begun at the Drexel Town Square development site, with our Department of Community Development and the Plan Commission busy reviewing plans for new projects on the eighty-five acre property. On Tuesday, September 30, the Oak Creek Plan Commission approved site and building plans for the property purchased by Water Street Brewery located at 7941 S. Howell Avenue.

This location is the future home of Oak Creek’s first brew pub, expected to open in summer 2015.  Water Street Brewery will brew beer on-site, bringing a taste of Milwaukee to Oak Creek. Site and building plans discussed Tuesday evening include a revision to stormwater and grading plans, landscape designs, and parking.

When completed, Drexel Town Square will be a pedestrian-friendly development with walkways and green space providing easy opportunities for the public to move around the site. The Water Street Brewery building will be on the northeast corner of Drexel Town Square with a pedestrian connection to the sidewalk on Howell Avenue. Significant landscaping is proposed along the street edges to meet and enhance the building façade, and this landscaping will continue throughout the parking lot.

The Oak Creek Water Street Brewery location will be just under 12,000 square feet, including dining, kitchen, and brewing areas. Over 5,100 square feet of this area will be reserved for bar and dining. The entrance, located on the southwest corner of the building, will give visitors an opportunity to view the brewing room as they enter the waiting area. An open, outdoor covered patio on the west will be available for dining for up to 84 patrons when the weather permits.

Tentatively scheduled to be open June 1 of 2015, Water Street Brewery’s new Oak Creek location will echo Oak Creek’s rich manufacturing history with an industrial architectural design featuring a large grain storage silo and a complete brewing system of kettles and tanks.

"Water Street Brewery is a perfect addition to Drexel Town Square and our new downtown and I'm excited to welcome them to Oak Creek. In our most recent community survey our residents said they wanted to see more dining options in the city. Water Street Brewery will not only serve up an outstanding menu of great food, but also feature a fully-operational brew house on-site," said Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi.

About Water Street Brewery:

“Since 1987, Water Street Brewery has produced more than 71,030 half-barrels, which is approximately 11.6 million glasses of beer. Over the past 27 years, 65 different styles of beer have been brewed at our Downtown, Lake Country and Grafton locations. Since 1988, 18 medals have been won at both the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and the North American Brewers Association in Idaho Falls.”