Oak Creek Health Department Achieves Level III Status

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The Oak Creek Health Department achieves Level III status, meeting the maximum requirements established by the State of Wisconsin for a local health department!  Previously the Oak Creek Health Department had a Level II status. “This achievement indicates a high level of commitment to providing health services and promotion in the City of Oak Creek; as well as our determination to continuously improve the Oak Creek Health Department,” said Judi Price, Oak Creek's Community Public Health Officer.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is required to formally review the operations of all 88 Wisconsin local health departments at the county or municipality level at the minimum of every five years.  The review establishes the health department as a level I, II or III agency.  A level I agency meets the minimum requirements and a level III agency meets the maximum requirements established for a local health department.  There are only approximately 29 out of 88 WI Health Departments that meet the Level III requirements.

State Health Officials identified many services that excel at the Oak Creek Health Department including the Radon, Sharps Collection, Maternal and Child Health, and the Emergency Preparedness programs. Additionally, State Health Officials commended the Oak Creek Health Department on their strong Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and the department's promise to involve residents in decisions that affect the health of the whole community.

For information about the Oak Creek Health Department’s achievement please call 414-768-6539.