Mayor’s Fitness Challenge 2.0

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Join us for the Mayor's Fitness Challenge 2.0! This year we're running the Challenge from September to January, featuring eight participants who will each work with a sponsoring fitness club, leading the way to better health and a fitter community.

We'll have more fun workouts and seminars, easy on-line registration, great prizes, and a free Challenge t-shirt for any contestant who attends at least ten of our Challenge events.

For information and registration information, go to our Facebook page ( and LIKE our page. We'll keep you posted on the schedule of activities, update you on the progress of our featured participants, and let them tell you in their own words how their Challenge is going.

Get up and get out, let's make this year's Challenge even better!

Mayor Steve

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Join Mayor Steve and other residents in their mission to get fit. The more who join, the more motivated you'll feel to continue a healthy lifestyle with friends and neighbors.

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