Holiday Shopping Tips from the Oak Creek Police Department

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Black Friday is just around the corner, and holiday shopping will go into full swing! Here are some shopping tips to help keep you from becoming a victim when you shop.

  • Lines will be long and stores will be crowded. A heavy jacket will soon become another item for you to carry along with all your packages!  The more you carry the more distracted you will be. Plan accordingly, wear comfortable light clothing!
  • Shop with a friend or relative. Shopping alone at 3:00 a.m. is not a safe practice. No matter the time or date, go with a buddy. There is safety in numbers!
  • Limit your packages. The more items you carry, the more cumbersome you will be and the easier it becomes for a thief to bump, grab and run.
  • Make trips to your vehicle to lessen your load.  Store items in your trunk or hide them out of sight!  Lock your vehicle!
  • Carry a condensed version of your everyday purse or wallet. Treat your wallet or purse with care.  Never place it in a shopping cart or leave it unattended.
  • Leave all unnecessary credit cards, and other items at home.  Don’t flash your cash at the register and carry only the cards you plan to make purchases.
  • Have a list of the credit cards and their numbers at home. If your purse is stolen, having an inventory of what was taken is priceless!
  • Use common sense and take along plenty of patience! Fighting and pushing is always uncalled for and it might end badly. Avoid the crush and stay safe!