Health Department: Oak Creek Neighborhood Walking Map

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Oak Creek is a growing city of safe neighborhoods. The Oak Creek Health Department created this map to help people recognize the potential of using their neighborhood streets, paths, and sidewalks as free resources for improving their fitness. 

It can be difficult to find a route when starting a new walking routine. This map takes the guesswork out, and offers short and long routes that will meet most people’s fitness level. The routes are either on sidewalks or paved paths, some of which take you through our beautiful city parks.

The map has 10 paths.  Many of these paths can be combined to walk longer distances. The dotted red lines link some of the paths using Oak Leaf Trail, a safe trail used for walking and biking.  New to Oak Creek? Try walking a route in a different neighborhood and explore the area while staying active!

You can view a PDF of the map below or pick one up at the health department or library!

Interested in increasing physical activity programs in Oak Creek?  We would love to learn new routes and strengthen the ones we created, but we need your help. The Oak Creek Health Department has a Physical Activity taskforce that plans programs and events in the city such as this walking map.  Please call 414-766-7950 to join!