Get Involved and Have Your Say in City Government

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Have you considered serving on a City Board or Commission? The City of Oak Creek is currently accepting applications from persons over 18 years old, are qualified electors, and are full time residents of the City. Our community prides itself on citizen involvement in all issues.

As a citizen member, you will serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, performing a valuable service by addressing community needs. Council members look forward to your contributions as we work together providing efficient municipal service responsive to local needs and expectations.

Serving on a committee or board helps residents understand how City government works, and all the processes that go into managing government issues.  It is equally important for boards to gain a fresh perspective on issues. Serving on a board is a good way for citizens to stay involved and have your voice heard as part of the process. Applying for a position on a board or committee can also be a stepping-stone to a higher position, such as serving on the Common Council.

Citizens interested in serving must complete an Application for Appointment and submit it to the City Clerk.  Appointments are made by the mayor and confirmed by the Oak Creek Common Council. Please detail any related experience on your application, including any previous employment that would directly apply to your service on a related commission, committee, or board.

Currently, we have vacancies on the following Boards and Commissions:

  • Celebrations Commission
  • Board of Zoning / Housing Appeals
  • Board of Review

Persons seeking appointment to a board or commission shall agree to an initial police record check prior to appointment and shall be current in all obligations and claims to the City of Oak Creek. Once a resident is approved by the Common Council, a statement of economic interest must be completed to ensure there is not a conflict of interest by serving on the board.