Black Bear Bottling: “My Oak Creek” Video Series Feature

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Take in another great local business in Oak Creek with the next in our “My Oak Creek” video series, Black Bear Bottling. These videos include a day in the life look at some of the areas many thriving businesses and bustling residents. Why not pick up some Black Bear Soda for the holidays!

Take a peek at this month’s feature video, Black Bear Bottling.

Background Information on Black Bear Bottling:

Black Bear Bottling Group was founded in 1961 by Phil Caruso along with his father, uncle, and two brothers. Twelve years ago, this family-owned and -operated company made its new home in Oak Creek, where it has continued to produce high quality sodas in an array of classic and creative flavors. Since the move, the Caruso family purchased a second warehouse across the street from its original bottling facility, expanding its space to over 130,000 square feet in the City of Oak Creek.

Black Bear Soda has received an incredible amount of support from Oak Creek families rallying behind their business. Being a community that cherishes both family and hard work, Oak Creek is thrilled to have three generations of Caruso’s knee-deep in producing gourmet soda right around the corner. Although the location of Oak Creek is key to Black Bear Soda’s success, the support of the community is what keeps the Caruso family bottling sodas enthusiastically each and every year they are a part of this city.

We are always looking for new businesses and people to highlight in the City of Oak Creek. Whether you've lived and worked here your entire life, or recently joined our business community, we want to hear about your experience in Doing Business in Oak Creek. Please contact us today to apply to be our next Feature Story. We can't wait to learn more about you and why you love Oak Creek!