Around the Town with Mayor Steve: Revamping City Assets

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You may have seen our “new” City of Oak Creek signs popping up around the city. As a result of the new branding and logo changes for our city, we’ve begun to update the large city signs located at most of the entrances to the city, and our business parks.  These signs were first installed in the mid-1990’s, and have served us very well over the years. The Common Council and the Community Development Authority had proposed purchasing some new signs a few years ago, but couldn’t justify the large expense to replace the existing ones.

With the help and creativity of our Streets Department, a local sign company, and our city staff, we’ve been able to update all the signs, for a small fraction of what new signs would have cost. We’re about halfway through the process, with some painting left to be done in the spring, when the weather warms up. Each of the signs lets our residents and visitors know that they are entering a city embracing its new identity, a perfect place to live, raise a family, or do business.

The look and feel of the new signs is consistent with the updated branding we’ve implemented across many of our communication platforms including the city website,, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account @CityofOakCreek.  All of these digital links to our community provide up-to-date information on what’s happening in Oak Creek, and where you can go to find out more information.

We will continue to look for opportunities to update some of the older assets in our city, and to restore them when possible. Oak Creek has a rich history, and hanging on to these connections to the past, brings all of our residents closer together.  I encourage you to continue to submit ideas and suggestions to improve the look and feel of our city, as we move forward in the next few years.

Mayor Steve