Around the Town with Mayor Steve: A Time Capsule is Buried at our New City Hall & Library

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You’ve probably noticed our new city hall and library buildings getting closer to completion at our new downtown on the Drexel Town Square site, with the iconic four-sided clock tower capping off the project. As we get closer to our move in date, we took a few moments this past week to bury a time capsule in the courtyard of the new buildings. The collection of over 100 items should give Oak Creek’s future residents a glimpse into our city’s past when they open it 50 years from now.

Oak Creek’s City Clerk Catherine Roeske, with the help of the Oak Creek Historical Society, assembled a collection of items that capture our history and the incredible story of Oak Creek’s residents and events that shaped our first sixty years as a city.

Items buried in the capsule include essays from our elementary school children, an iPhone, menus from our local restaurants, presidential ballots, and pictures and DVDs capturing some of our history in video. It will be interesting to see if our future residents will have the “older” technology available for them to actually view the DVDs! Also included is a book by resident Tom Mueller, a coin from Oak Creek Medal of Honor winner Gary Wetzel, and a letter from me to the future leaders of Oak Creek.

In that letter I talk about the incredible growth we’ve seen in our city in the last few years, and my hope that we continue to be a city that leads by example. While I probably won’t be around to see the time capsule opened up, my children and their children should be, and I hope that Oak Creek becomes an even better place to work, raise a family, and to enjoy a quality of life that’s unique in southeastern Wisconsin.

We’ll see you in October as we open up our new buildings. The public will be able to tour the new facilities and to share in the excitement of taking another important step forward.

Mayor Steve