Around the Town with Mayor Steve: A New Committee ‘Takes Root’

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In an effort to continually improve and enhance the quality of life in Oak Creek, the Common Council, at my recommendation, voted unanimously on February 17, 2014 to adopt a new municipal code ordinance creating the Landscape and Beautification Committee.

The Landscape and Beautification Committee will promote, conduct, and award the annual City of Oak Creek Landscaping Awards. Previously called the Mayor's Landscaping Awards, the Committee will create and review the criteria for eligibility, promote the competition, select the finalists, and award the winners for residences and businesses within the city. In the first two years of the Mayor's Landscaping Awards, Tehan Brothers Nursery on Rawson Avenue supplied the winning residential winners with gift certificates to be used at their nursery, a great example of a public/private partnership which is so important to the future of Oak Creek.

This newly formed Committee will also work with the Streets, Parks and Forestry Department to beautify and enhance the natural areas of the city including its streets, parks, medians and public areas through landscaping, plantings, and other architectural landscaping methods. Additionally, they will work with our city departments to seek opportunities to improve the general beautification of the city by making recommendations on improvements, and local companies to implement their suggestions.

The Committee will consist of one (1) elected official appointed by the Mayor, one (1) representative from the Streets, Parks and Forestry Department, the City Forester, one (1) member of the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission, and three (3) Oak Creek residents. Interested residents should fill out an application at the City Clerk's office. Applicants will be asked to provide qualifications demonstrating their experience or expertise in a related field. All appointments will be reviewed by the Mayor, and forwarded to the Common Council for final approval.

It's my hope that this committee can build on the great work already being done internally by our staff in our local parks and in the planting beds located in the medians across the city. Let's make Oak Creek a city that is also known for its outstanding commitment to our natural resources.

Hoping Spring gets here soon!

Mayor Steve