Around the Town with Mayor Steve: A Game Changing Vision

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In April of this year, construction will begin on several large projects in addition to the new City Hall and Library at Drexel Town Square. Recently plans for a new 4 Points Sheraton Hotel were unveiled, with a four-story, 108 room hotel and restaurant planned for the eastern side of the new town square. This one-acre public square will serve as a community gathering place and feature many of the initiatives our residents asked for when we sent out a community survey in 2012.

Located just north of the new City Hall and Library, the square will feature a splash pad, green space, a centerpiece stage area for concerts and community events, and available space for a farmers market, art fairs, and even an ice skating rink during the winter months. As we break ground in April you'll begin to see the project take shape, with a new 6th Street connection from Forest Hill to Drexel Avenue, improving traffic into and through the new downtown area.

Drexel Town Square partners Barrett Visionary, Wired, and Meijers will begin their projects in unison with the City Hall/Library construction, promising a very busy 2014 and 2015. With exciting and game-changing design and site plans Drexel Town Square promises to be one of the most innovative and modern suburban downtowns in Wisconsin, positioning the city to lead the region in job growth and business development.

Just south of our new downtown site on the corner of Oakwood and Howell avenues, Oakview Business Park is in the infrastructure phase for the newest of our city's business parks, already drawing strong interest from new businesses.  It promises to be one of the most active sites for new business in the greater-Milwaukee area, with easy freeway access, and clean, light manufacturing sites ready for construction as early as Spring of 2014.

Lots going on in Oak Creek, get ready for an exciting next few years!

Mayor Steve