Around the Town with Mayor Steve: New Rawson Avenue Interchange Bridge Decks

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Last week I visited the construction site for the new Rawson Avenue Interchange bridge decks, built on site, just north of the interchange. This first-of-its-kind construction method in Wisconsin reduces the closure time significantly, reducing traffic impacts and mobility concerns for our residents. Each segment of the bridge deck weighs over 3 million pounds, and was successfully moved into place Friday night and Saturday morning, in a little more than 12 hours. The State of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation worked effectively with city staff and the nearby residents and businesses to reduce the impact of this significant reconstruction, with regular meetings and on-site visits to those affected. The Rawson Avenue Bridge should be open for business again in this summer.

At the Oak Creek Police Department building on Friday, I was honored to read a city resolution honoring Lt. Brian Murphy, on his retirement from the department. After 22 years of service to the city, Brian is retiring after a long and decorated career, including being only one of two Medal of Honor winners in the history of the department. Brian worked on the drug unit, is a founding member of the emergency response unit, and served heroically in the response to the Sikh Temple shooting on August 5, 2012, where he was severely wounded by the gunman. Brian’s commitment to public service, and his dedication to emergency response training, is a shining example of the outstanding work being done by the officers of the Oak Creek Police Department, led by Chief John Edwards. Congratulations to Brian on his well-deserved retirement.

Drexel Town Square continues to see progress at the corner of Howell and Drexel Avenues, with concrete removal and site grading ahead of schedule. This week, the Common Council will hold a public hearing on the rezone of the property, and to create a mixed use planned development zoning district, laying the groundwork for the future development of the site. If you would like to participate in the public hearing, the meeting begins at 7pm, in the Council Chambers, at 8640 South Howell Avenue.

Summer continues to be late to the party, but we’ve seen enough rain to last us for a while. Since 2013 began, we’ve had precipitation on 100 of the 167 days this year. So while last year’s June drought conditions fade into our memories, this year may deliver abundant water and mosquitoes, a recipe for some challenging summer days and nights.

Mayor Steve