Announcement: New Plan Commission Application Fees Effective January 1, 2018

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The Oak Creek Common Council adopted amended fees for several applications, permits, and reviews on December 5, 2017.  Plan Commission fees for many, though not all, review types will increase.

Review Type


House Move $250
Site & Building Plan $850
Landscaping Plan (if separate from Site Plan) $550
Lighting Plan (if separate from Site Plan) $550
Sign Appeal $700
Sign Plan Review $550
Certified Survey Map $525
Affidavit of Correction $275
Minor Land Division $275
Preliminary Plat $750
Final Plat $875
Planned Unit Development $1,700
Amendment of Planned Unit Development $1,100
Conditional Use Permit $1,250
Amendment of Conditional Use Permit $950
Rezoning $775
Temporary Use or Use Approval $600
Comprehensive Plan Amendment $1,000
Official Map Amendment $1,000
Vacation of ROW $1,000
Zoning Text Amendment $1,000
Plan Commission Consultation $400


The updated fees are reflected on the 2018 Plan Commission Application Form.  Questions may be directed to Planner Kari Papelbon.